Alexandra’s Recent Research

Alexandra has conducted proprietary research on American jobs and careers, the future of the global workforce, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and generational differences. Typically sponsored by organizations looking to broaden their thought-leadership footprint, Alexandra's research process incorporates statistically significant sampling, questionnaire development, electronic survey distribution, phone interviewing, data analysis, report writing, and media outreach. In the last decade, she has worked on more than a dozen research studies surveying nearly 50,000 individuals. Some highlights from the last few years include:

Deloitte University’s Leadership Center for Inclusion
Alexandra worked with Deloitte to develop and execute a multi-national, multi-generation research study on the current state of millennial leadership. She joined Deloitte and partner Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative to create an initial report and follow-up white paper describing  the ways millennials and older generations view diversity and inclusion.

DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board
Alexandra has conducted eight research initiatives on behalf of the Career Advisory Board, including the annual Job Preparedness Indicator Study – which measures the gaps between what hiring managers are looking for and what candidates are bringing to the table – and the new Most Desirable Jobs survey, which focused on the types of employment most palatable to job seekers in 2016.

Alexandra worked with the Staples PR team to develop an online survey assessing the habits and workload of administrative assistants. The results were publicized via a Twitter chat and media outreach as part of an Administrative Professionals’ Day campaign.

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