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"I prepare organizations and their employees for meaningful careers in the future workplace."

- Alexandra Levit

American Management Association
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2019 Ranked Thinker
Alexandra spoke to 250 juniors and seniors, and her unique talent for engaging students in thinking about life after college shines through in her bright, charismatic demeanor.

- Amber Neisendorf, Illinois State University

Bestselling Books

Hot off the press, Deep Talent helps leaders use artificial intelligence to hire, develop, and keep the people who are driving their growth and assist them in recognizing their skills, capabilities, and potential.



Alexandra is currently working on a federal grant with National Institute of Health and Northwestern University that leverages consumer technology to provide unemployed individuals with a unique combination of mental health and job training support.  The  solution's effectiveness will be tested via a randomized clinical trial launching in the spring of 2023.


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