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PeopleResults | Developing Expertise. Delivering Change

Alexandra has joined forces with PeopleResults, an organizational development and talent consulting firm co-headquartered in Dallas and Chicago, to partner with forward-thinking organizations in sparking exceptional performance.

Since 2004, PeopleResults has partnered with clients such as PepsiCo, McKesson, 7-Eleven, and Bell Helicopter to harmonize talent and business strategy. As a partner and the firm’s resident futurist, Alexandra is part of a team of innovative and creative problem solvers who bring insights and time-tested solutions to the 21st century business’ most complex challenges.

PeopleResults experts are accomplished business executives who know, firsthand, what kinds of pressures clients face every day. With every strategy, every decision, the team delivers on the promise¬ to drive measurable business performance, propel people and organizations forward, and help clients be heroes at work. Capabilities include:

Change Leadership
You may have heard the saying that everyone wants “better,” but no one wants “change.” The key, then, is to greet new opportunities with both analytical intelligence and sensitivity to the organizational and people challenges at hand. PeopleResults takes the time to understand a client’s business, team and unique circumstances, and then partners to create and execute the right plan.

Talent Development
Developing the right blend of talent is a moving target as the market, technology, and workplace continue to evolve. PeopleResults works with companies to assess current strengths, project future needs, and zero in on a practical plan to address critical gaps in expertise or leadership.

Organizational Effectiveness
Growth. Globalization. Rising cost pressures. For many companies, things are moving so quickly that it’s a challenge to understand the implications these developments have on organizational design. PeopleResults works with clients to determine the roles, organizational structure, and workforce model that are best for their business.

Using interactive communication channels like blogs, forums, webinars, podcasts, and other virtual events, PeopleResults helps clients facilitate a two-way dialogue with internal audiences. By initiating an open and authentic conversation, these techniques inspire commitment, engagement, and focus.

New and Social Media
From targeted online content development to nonstop social media conversations, organizations today have virtually unlimited opportunities to connect with their talent. PeopleResults helps clients reimagine existing strategies for communications, change, or talent development, and incorporate newly available interactive elements.

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