“Many students told me that Alexandra was the best speaker they heard in their time at Albion. Since then, she has continued to serve as a resource to some of our students via e-mail, something above and beyond the call of duty.”
– Mike Frandsen, Albion College

“Alexandra’s unique talent for engaging students in thinking about life after college shines through in her bright, charismatic demeanor. She is knowledgeable and believable and really knows how to help.”
– Amber Neisendorf, Illinois State University

“Alexandra was able to build an excellent rapport with our students, while also empowering them with information on how to set the course for a successful career. It’s no wonder she’s so well known in this space.”
– Winifred Winston, University of Baltimore

Watch Alexandra speaking on business world survival at a top national university:

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They Don’t Teach Corporate in College
This session for twenty-somethings will advise on developing an effective corporate persona, including how to make a positive first impression on business contacts and how to practice strong communication and diplomacy with colleagues.

Find a Soulcheck, Not a Paycheck
This session will focus on how to get your dream career started on the right foot, including how to do a simple but effective self-assessment, how to identify skills, how to scope out opportunities and network in a chosen career, and how to tailor a resume that will stand out despite a lack of industry experience.

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