Nonprofit Programs

The Future of Work to 2030
This session for all employees will address how the global workplace, organizations, and employees will change in the next 10-15 years. By exploring the implications of these developments, professionals will be in an excellent position to be productive and competitive in the workforce of tomorrow.

Find a Soulcheck, Not a Paycheck
This session will focus on how to get your dream career started on the right foot, including how to do a simple but effective self-assessment, how to identify skills, how to scope out opportunities and network in a chosen career, and how to tailor a resume that will stand out despite a lack of industry experience.

Strategies for Reinvigorating Your Career
This session will provide actionable strategies for those who are looking to increase their satisfaction in their current job, including sustaining a positive attitude, mentoring, taking advantage of training, growth, and volunteer opportunities, and practicing intrapreneurship.

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